During an intense 30 days we will explore cause and effect in relationships. How to grow and build or let go. The emotions in relationships are complex and during this 30 day period I’ll guide you to understand your own, and those of others. How do you get what you want without giving your life away? How do you give what they want without surrendering your most important aspirations.

In just 30 days:

Relationships are complex. I’ve had many. Not everything that happens is predictable. But when things are going right, the sky is perfect blue. When there’s not the romance and connection that was there at first love, it is important to determine what we can do about it.

This exploration can be confronting. Over 30 days we can take a good long look at what has happened, look at what can happen. Be really honest with ourselves and see if we’ve lost ourselves in the mire of repairing love.

In this 30 day journey, I will take you into all seven areas of your life to see where the roots of change can originate. We’ll look at health, work, spiritual, social, mental and spiritual conditions that might improve things or at the least, allow you to move on with love.

Presented By Chris Walker
Location Globally As Required