The 30 Day Challenge

The Size of Your Vision Determines the Size of Your Life… All human problems and challenges, begin and end with this quote…

Chris Walker
  • Direct private one on one coaching 16 hours in 30 Days
  • Unscripted, unique and personalised to your objectives
  • Daily power hour includes growth in all seven areas of life
  • Effective and efficient improvement – over 30 days at work and home
  • Learn the Universal Laws of Nature and live in harmony with them.

Time Effective

  • If you travel, need a break, time extensions are no issue up to 90 days
  • invest one hour a day at home or work to make a lifetime of difference
  • Daily audio delivered to your inbox, text or whatsapp.
  • Youtube video support where needed.
  • All books are free for ongoing reading.


  • You will get Chris’ undivided attention for 16 hours
  • 8 hours of face to face (online and in person)
  • 8 hours of phone support.
  • Plus unlimited email and text.
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  • Please see the testimonials tab at the top of this page.
  • If you would like to speak to a real person about their real experience with the 30 day challenge, just ask and we”ll connect you to as many as you wish.
  • We have hundreds of people who happily share their real time experience with the 30 day coaching challenge.

Costs and Fees

  • First session free
  • Sessions $600 -2-3 hours
  • 30 Days Program (16 hours) $2300.
  • 6 months $3600 includes the 30 day challenge,
  • 12 months $7200 includes the 30 day challenge.
  • Start with an online chat…Great … send them over for a chat.