Hello, Chris:   Although I feel we’ll meet again, I don’t know when, so I’m writing now to say thanks for the gift of your seminar in Calgary in early Feb.  I felt that the month of Feb was a time for making one connection after the other–a series of “ahhh-haaa’s”.  Things were really percolating and happening.  Your messages seemed so clear and present to me–I could probably give your course myself (heaven forbid!) Wonderful releases occurred all month, and wonderful learnings.   It’s probably not a new occurrence for you to hear stories like this, but mine seems new to me, and more wonderful than I could have imagined.  It was the right timing for me to break open and begin my work, after I got clear about my vital dream. (Actually, I had been harboring mine for a while–about bringing the Light–but it somehow seemed too presumptious to actually admit it to anyone.) In early March I was catalysed to begin using my Reiki.  In 10 short days I have been taken from hoping to just have my friends go away feeling relaxed, all the way to understanding that Jesus and I are a team and we’re there for real HEALING!!  I’m blown away by the magnitude of his love  and the joy of feeling his power flowing through me. New gifts of clair voyance, clair sentience, and channelling have emerged from out of the blue. Healings are happening with each session and I have gratitude like never before, and deep humility for the gift of helping to bring healing to God’s people.   There’s so much more I want to say, but I guess you can feel the vibes from wherever you are and know my feelings anyway.  I wonder if I am writing this today because you are in need of encouragement for your work right now. Anyway, I for one am grateful for the piece you brought home to me, and honor and appreciate the Divine in you, and the gift of you.  Sending you Light and Love,


Joanne Mercier