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How to Bridge the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be Without Wasting Valuable Time.

Last week, I sent a really important episode of a podcast to a client. She listened and complimented the episode of the podcast. By the end of the week she’d skipped listening to that one episode and my podcasts and had grown attached listening to the rest of the episodes


“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Chris Walker All of us, but especially children, need confidence that others will love, affirm, and cherish us. Without that we can’t develop a sense of agency that will enable us to


For many years, our humanity has cared about the environment. Of course, the hunt for industrialisation and commerce has often over ridden that care, and we’ve made a huge mess in the air, water and land from the careless pursuit of a goal without consideration of the impact it may


For many years Corporations have made the mistake of compartmentalising the development of people with the aim of increasing productivity and yet, the total human being, the heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects of the human condition have been ignored. As we enter an era of hyper accelerated

The Neuroscience of Nature Mind and Health

Innerwealth Personal Mastery recommends business executives take a walk at lunch time in nature. It increases productivity, libido, wellbeing, raises the immune system and recuperates tired mind to enable a productive afternoon and warm homecoming at night. Here’s the science behind a bit of it. Neuroscientists have found that views

Innerwealth Slide Show for Audio

Why personal development is an essential investment in Self. I’ve scripted an audio for the slide show below. Download the pdf first then enjoy the listen. Podcast can be found on iTunes

The Perception that Something is Missing can Block Your Inspiration. How to fix it…

If you don’t appreciate it the way that you’ve got it you won’t get it the way that you want it. Be abundant Christopher Walker By the laws of nature, nothing is missing. There is no insufficiency. Nothing is missing it just changes in form. It’s universal. So there can

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