You are one of billions but every move you make, very breath you take and every thought you have is important to the world around you. We thinks personal development, in harmony with universal laws, changes the world, one heart at a time.

We have been working tirelessly to improve the lives of young people throughout the world who are suffering from neglect and disenfranchised wealth disparity. 10% of all income goes to these charities. We encourage our clients to support “Sunrise Children’s Association” –

We believe that in opening the hearts of people in the world we improve the planet. We care about this. Personal development is so often flawed in self-obsession which, for healing is essential, but for life is not.

There’s lots to change in the world. We know it. But acting badly doesn’t cause change. Not real change. Thinking big is the key. Acting smart is the result. The smartest way to think big, is think universe, think nature’s laws, think above.

The life-force of global change is personal change, and the people who are changing in order to live productively in this new age can create extraordinary results. We all want to make changes – to see the world as a better place, to change our health, family, business and relationships. We want change and we want change to happen sooner rather than later. And that change is up to each of us.

My work with individuals offers a process for those changes.

You’ll have to cross boundaries

If you can work out how to integrate spirituality, business development, global change and life mastery into one philosophy you’ll stay sane and make a difference. You’ll need to challenge the conventional way of managing your life.

Your process will need to be deep yet simple, and most of all it must be REAL

More than amassed capital or technology or knowledge or connections, it is a flexible and inventive approach to life that will determine who recognises new resources, creates global brands, builds humanitarian business and keeps their mind body and spirit alive to enjoy the results.

For many years I have consulted with people who are keen to work as effectively as possible. The most successful people I have coached become moved by an expansive vision. They are fascinated by life and driven to experience it fully. They respond well to change although they do not necessarily like it. They learn how to think clearly when information is uncertain and belief structures are impaired. They see connections between a fast moving world and their vision, and they have open and
receptive state of mind that is not paralysed by information they had not expected. They have mastered the art of working with people and are able to communicate honestly, pursue compelling vision and engage with integrity.

Those unique and courageous individuals who step forward to accept this challenge are the leaders who will take their nations, businesses and families into the future, prepared and equipped to sustain change. Only those who invest time and effort in personal alignment with these changes will do this well. Those who assume they can cause other people and organisations to change while they themselves stand still will not be effective. Their understanding of new forces will be inadequate. Their
decisions will be unrealistic.

Take Responsibility in Your Thoughts, Words and Actions

The opportunities to make a difference in the world exist within the boundaries of our own lives, professional and personal. Those changes are fundamental to the success of individuals and their business. You’ll need to step beyond the academic, to be in touch with your true and heartfelt inspirations and provide yourself with an opportunity to express that vision, even within the workplace.

Global change through personal change.

Alignment with nature is a gift. It is everything. Health, happiness, success, love, friendship, family and leadership. But it is not easy. So much comes between us and these nature based gifts. I visualise it being an explorer crossing through the Blue Mountains of Sydney before their were trails. And yet, there were people living in the Blue Mountains for thousands of years who knew the way already. We sometimes just don’t know how to ask.

After 40 years running business, being in relationships of all shapes and sizes, sitting in ashrams and monasteries, attending ceremonies and workshops, adopting different philosophies from books and teachers, living life as a free spirit, I came to only one fixed answer to the challenges of living in tune with nature. And that is “Ask Nature.”

  1. Ask Nature for Directions. A fight with nature cannot be won. We are nature. Even at our worst, in a rogue state, we are still nature. Nature bankrupts, divorces, abuses, destroys and builds, loves, helps, makes good. Nature is all this. We just need to ask the right questions to get us to where we want to go. Don’t get distracted, hold your questions with nature, answers always follow.
  2. Don’t fight nature. If we ask directions and get the answer, there is no need to be distracted. When we are tired on the journey, that is a sign to take a break not find a substitute trail. Try not to “power through” the tiredness. It’s nature’s way to say, “recuperate and prepare for the next.” Don’t force it, follow nature’s signs.
  3. Be patient with nature. Everybody thinks their watch tells the right time and so we often set our watch to achieve our goals on an incredibly intense time frame. Nature doesn’t always follow your time, she has her own. Don’t give up just follow nature’s time.
  4. Focus on cause not effect. Tsunami are the effect, cause is plate tectonics under the sea in sudden shifts. Focus on cause in your life and the effect will follow. If you focus on effect, you disconnect from nature. Stay connected, focus on cause.
  5. See life with nature’s view. There is an emotional view of life. There is a human view of life. There is a maternal view. A paternal view. There is a religious view, a spiritual view. Nature’s view is something else. Nature’s view is eternal. It is the view that sees order in all chaos. From stars and galaxies, to ants and atoms. The same order to the same apparent chaos. Change your glasses, see with nature’s eyes.

The true gift of my coaching is alignment with nature. This truly saves alot of fighting. It doesn’t guarantee everything you want when you want it. But it does save time and wasted energy.

In your coaching I will ask you where you want to go? I mean if you are crossing the Blue Mountains for example, where to and why. That’s important. Where you want to go is the most important question a coach can ask and it must come purely from your heart. If you lie to yourself by adhering to other people’s values and expectations, nature will deliver you to where you ask, it just may not be what you hoped.

In your coaching I wlll, as nature intends, ask you to rise above your feelings. Your feelings are self limiting. This viewpoint will take time. You will need a period to achieve this. 30 Days is the norm.

Then, we will progress to clearing your mind of debris that may have accumulated from the journey so far in life. What do you need to carry forward and what can you leave behind? This is important to lighten the load

Nature’s universal laws. It is not the forest or the ocean or the river that transforms us alone. It is the essence of nature. In nature, we belong to a different law. The laws of nature and these laws change us. Most importantly however, these laws exist in our urban world too. We are nature. We are the environment we create. We are what we think. And, if we think as nature thinks, we are in the forest, even when we are in the 55th floor of a high rise building. Nature’s universal laws, are everywhere and we feel different when we think them.


Every atom in the entire universe obeys a set of rules. Hence, those rules are important. Thoughts are also able to influence atoms. It would seem therefore, that to control thought is to control atoms and this might just be the greatest awareness to all humankind.

Mind control has been studied for centuries and yet we seem to be still on the surface of it. Nature’s universal laws are part of the Innerwealth technology for Self-Mastery. Important because they put the power of mind back into the hands of the user.

The One and the Many

Nature seeks a balance in all things