Real Spirit is a breakthrough in Personal Mastery. The program offers a fast, no fuss method of resolving uncertainty, eliminating negative states of mind, resolving conflicts, both internal and external. It offers you a new and more profound way of looking at life. It provides you with a leading edge methodology, a life advancing process, and a high achievement formula, that helps you create significant changes in your attitude to, and actions in, life.

Real Spirit….

REAL SPIRIT – What does it mean to you, how can you benefit from it? How can you live more in balance? In this program we introduce Self-Awareness, the Discard Process© and the Universal principles of nature. You will learn how to develop your spiritual awareness and therefore improve the quality and clarity of your life?

Step 1. Comprehensibility: There is order in the chaos…

Comprehensibility: a belief that things happen in an orderly and predictable fashion and a sense that you can understand events in your life and reasonably predict what will happen in the future.

In this Real Spirit Masterclass:

An introduction to the universal laws. The principles of Personal Mastery and Spiritual Awareness. In this special program you will learn the process of mastering your emotions, acknowledging your heart-driven vision, becoming more present with people, and improving your leadership skills. You will learn how to transform any stress or worry into empowered action. In addition you can learn, about the Discard Process, an amazing and transformational system to help you stay on track. You emerge with vitality, purpose and inspiration – ready to move and live the life you choose.

What to Expect

A presentation and mini workshop (this program is a five hours), sharing the application of universal principles to personal life experiences and situations. You will gain an understanding of principles underpinning modern consciousness and spirituality What will you cover in this Program?

Let Nature Be Your Guide:

  • Being – Moving to a more conscious way of being.
  • Health – The truest essence of health and healing.
  • Energy – Frees the energy and vitality for life.Wealth- Unblock any blockage
  • Career – Doing what you love and loving what you do.
  • Relationship – Conscious relationships that work.
  • Business – Inspired work and how to inspire others to fulfill their potential.
  • Children – Parenting within and without the home.
  • Spiritual – Growth, evolution, transformation. Let Nature Be Your Guide.

Evolve – Positive Personal Change

Real Spirit helps you grow. Mentally, physically and spiritualy. Breaking old habits, developing new and healthier ones. Moving through and making change in your life. Stepping out of the past and into the future with a whole new vitality.

Vision, Inspiration and Purpose – The Future Plan

Your life force, vitality and vision are connected. In this program you learn how to harness your natural resource of mind power, vision and vitality for life. You will bring things to balance in all seven areas of life. You will review health, financial, social, career, relationship, mind and spiritual areas of your life and balance them. The greatest gift of Real Spirit is the deep and personal discovery of a purpose, an Inspiration and a vision, greater than you. You will act from a greater state of purpose, vitality, wisdom and presence.

Greater Consciousness – Less Stress – More Balance

Bottom line is if you end on your last breath with the same issues you started life with, you missed a golden opportunity. More love, more vitality, more happiness, more fulfillment and more enthusiasm for life awaits those who can breakthrough to a new level of conscious awareness in life.

Interconnectedness – Wisdom, Harmony and Relationships

The breathtaking beauty of life lies in the laws of nature. To see the patterns, understand behaviour, know the laws of life. It puts you squarely in the drivers seat, for health, career, business, relationship, social, financial, wisdom and spirituality. This is the core of the Real spirit program.

Appreciation – A Powerful Healthy Productive state of Mind

So many different ways to think, which one works. Positive thinking half works, judgement ends in other sabotage, non judgement ends in self sabotage. There are really two ways to think. Stinkin thinkin, or an attitude of gratitude. Learn how to build better relationships, business and health through this unique and powerful Collapse Process. Real Spirit offers an accurate and effective means of transforming stress into productive vitality.

What others Say

“The ‘Real Spirit’ course was exceptional and is definitely a turning point in my life.”

Robert Leamon – Director

“Blew me away… Far exceeded my expectations”

John Fountain – Pharmacist

“An awesome week where inhibitions were crushed and hearts opened – unforgettable.”

June Bray – IT Technician

Program Design

I will will share the five universal laws that underpin all of nature. You will be given opportunity to take notes and to work from the generous workbook provided. You will be able to undertake some considerable self exploration through the pre defined templates in the workbook and take home a whole new awareness of personal possibility. What are the results from this program?

  • Awakens mind to hidden order
  • Opens your heart
  • Greater depth of relationship
  • Focus, calm, clarity
  • A new perspective

About The Program

Real Spirit literally means to find your own sense of balance in your every day life. We don’t believe that one has to spend a year meditating on a mountain top in India to find inner peace. Our true intention is to bring individuals to acknowledge who they are and in get in touch with a purpose and vision that they can achieve today. If you can consider the notion that we all are capable of achieving our dreams, then Real Spirit is for you.

The Real Spirit Program is available in a fully, individually coached, masterclass online. The Program takes 30 days – 30 minutes s a day…

The programme can be run for groups in 2 and 4 day retreat formats

Chris Walker has consulted to individuals, families, communities, leaders and organisations for 35 years. His background is a blend of business management (MBA) and Environmental Engineering (BE) balanced with qualifications in human development, meditation, and psychology. His view comes from every possible angle in order to see opportunities for growth. He leaves no stone unturned offering guidance, coaching and consulting. There is no person more qualified to advise you in inspiration and personal/business/career growth.

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