Mental Health in Canadian First Nation Communities

If you get a car bogged in the snow and you keep reving the engine and spinning the wheels you just get deeper in trouble.

Canada is a brilliant country and has worked tirelessly to help first nation communities repair the damage done through displacement and poor ecconimoic and educational opportunities.

I am proud to have been a part of that ongoing process. Sadly, it is not enough.

The health problems, both mental and physical in first nation communities in Canada are multiples more per head of capita than the non indigenous population. Many of the reasons why are that Western human development experts try to implement their western value based models in the communities. They make money and help but not radically enough. I was soon to find out why.

On a dusk evening in Canada, I was run out of a First Nation community by some fairly serious tough guys. I’d rocked the boat once too many times.

Religion plays a big role in first nation communities but it is not inclusive. Some who behave outside the fringe of approved behaviour are excluded, others have no interest. At the end of the day, much of the hard work put in by so many amazing people doesn’t reach every corner. And that’s what the gift of my Real Spirit program attempted to do.

Real Spirit – Nature’s Universal laws .. nature .. used as a tool for human growth and potential. A great concept for country and city. Hundreds of presentations, thousands of coaching sessions, we made a dent in the problem, but came far from solving it.

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