Performance Coaching

Innerwealth is an exceptional insight into working with heart and inspiration. By integrating personal development, business development, global change and life mastery into one philosophy, Chris Walker challenges the conventional way of managing our lives. Chris offers a wealth of insights and advice to help us discover and harness our own vision, inspiration and purpose and put this into practice in the way we work with others and the way we manifest in our careers.

Performance coaching is about business change through personal change. It is a rebuke at so much of what is being done at present in the name of self help and personal growth. Chris Walker’s aim is to help you wonder and explore and ultimately find a way of working and living that is REAL. He achieves this using the universal laws of nature.

In private consultations, we welcome you to solve personal and professional issues in a confidential environment that is either online or outdoors face to face.

  • Bring yourself back to centre and shake up any old structures that are not working for you anymore.
  • Improve wealth creation, time management, emotion and physical imbalances and create healthier, long term business and personal relationships.
  • Learn the way to find and keep inspiration for everything that you do at anytime of the day wherever you are.
  • Bring you immediately back to balance and teach you how to stay there.
  • Positive ground to stand on as well as mental strength for you to powerfully handle all situations and issues that you encounter.


The Innerwealth Consulting Process includes The Discard Process. As one of the core process used in Innerwealth Consulting and is one of the many unique process used to shift attitude, find cause and open hearts. It was developed to be the most powerful methodology in personal transformation. It is designed to create quantum leaps in consciousness in quantum time. What once took weeks, months or even years is now accomplished in a matter of hours. It is a foolproof and effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict into grateful states of love and vitality


The whole idea of performance coaching is to give people tools to keep their lives on track and get the best out of life and work.

I believe that people get off track, lose their sense of purpose, feel unfulfilled or depressed because their life is somehow out of balance. 

For thousands of years great masters such as Emerson, Plato and many Asian Masters (Lao Tzu) have been convinced that if mankind lived life according to the principles of nature, then we would be at peace with ourselves and with each other. It’s a philosophy not uncommon in the ways of the East but has yet to be fully grasped by the western world. I’ve taken this thinking and reinterpreted it for the modern day and based on my 35 -years of trial and error in my own life and guiding people and businesses. I’ve distilled these elements and connected them back to human performance.

  • Discard: Emotional Clearing and Balancing (clear up emotional disturbances)
  • Cellular: Physical Health and wellness – (changing the body metrix)
  • Environment: Change Appearances – (Upgrade environment to reflect new perspectives)
  • Mind IP: Reconfirm Mind Values (Where to focus ongoing self development)
  • Vision: New Vision and Purpose (Create new incentives, direction and clarity for the future)
  • Psyche: Personal Presence (shake off the old self talk bring in the new)
  • Results: Action – (Embed new daily action, process for being back on track)

If I asked you to score yourself on a 1 – 10 against each of the 7 elements (where 10 is blissfully happy and content and 1 is suicidally depressed) how would this look? 

So your ‘VIP’ score would be the total of the seven scores. What is it? Interesting. Are you happy with that?

The normal reaction for people in a funk (low scores below 5 in any area of life) is to focus solely on one or two of these areas of life. For example, if you are down in career, you might turn to a coach. Down in health, you might end up at a gym or personal trainer. Mentally down you might start meditating, and so on.

The problem with this is that as one aspect grows, another shrinks. You’re unfulfilled at work so you decide to drive harder but as a result, your family and love-life suffers. Or if your finances are struggling you might start worrying about money and ignore your health. Your overall score of [VIP score] doesn’t change, it simply changes shape. Old problems may go away, new ones appear. 

Have you seen this happen to anyone you know?

Back on track has two basic goals;

Firstly, to achieve balance across all the elements and

Second, to increase your overall ‘VIP’ score

This is the unique holistic approach of Innerwealth Coaching.

It is important to advise you in advance that I do not treat disease, prescribe drugs, provide therapy or solve legal problems. Therefore, I am not here to take the place of your doctor, therapist, or lawyer. I am simply here to offer you a new and more profound way of looking at your life. I will provide you with a leading edge methodology, a life advancing process, and a high achievement formula, that can help you create significant changes in your attitude to, and actions in, life.

I am also here to help you learn how to change any stressful situation you might encounter into a blissful condition, or experience. The result will be that you will learn how to experience more moments of love, gratitude, certainty and presence in your life. You will learn how to act from a greater state of purpose, wisdom, maturity and poise.

Performance Coaching is both a preventative and a maintenance program.

The unique feature of Innerwealth performance coaching is that it is strongly emphasising a learning component of the Universal Laws of Nature so you not only get back on track in a sustainable healthy way but you learn a process for catching funk early for the future. it means you can regulate your life balance and not be caught with your pants down in the future.

What do you think? Does it resonate with you? Do you know anyone who you think might benefit from this?

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