Inspired by Nature

“Chris puts people first. He showed his belief in me, my heart driven vision, my human spirit by demonstrating that if we want to do good, we must first feel good by being balanced, centred and calm. I improved everything including the way I achieve my results faster, happier and on time – I saw immediate improvement at home too.” Executive in Consulting firm passed over for promotion, overloaded with work and stress. Chicago, USA.

“The unstructured walks in nature always led us to the underlying cause of my deeper challenges, like Chris was on the journey with me. This few minutes a week saved my marriage, and goodness knows how much time in my career. I doubled my income as he promised, and we’re so in love at home. It works. – Personally stressed, giving everyone around him a hard time, staff protesting, wife separated. Senior Partner, Law Firm

“This work is more than digging deep, it’s about taking control & driving the bus. It’s about clever use of time & resources to be absolutely present in each of the different pieces of the puzzle. It’s about clearing a rolling fog that if allowed, will persist throughout the day/week/month/year. What I achieved with Innerwealth coaching with Chris is an effective day, combining the elements of healthy food, exercise and focus on the current task and making time for the big picture, all threaded together in a way that hits these pieces at full throttle. This approach brings the relief and release that comes with knowing you can have a solid, effective crack at something without the fog of distraction, without competing alternatives for any given minute or hour.” Financially distressed and personally overwhelmed Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia

“I attended Christopher Walkers program in Canada. I am a leader of over 5,000 people and this teaching just transformed our organisation. Inspiration, living with spirit in everyday life, is the journey Christopher Walker has himself embarked upon an now teaches others. It is a life based on inspiration, integrity and truth. Living our truth is the greatest gift of all. The search for something more is over as you become that which you seek and instead seek to live out the gift of your life’s work. When one surveys his teachings one is struck by their extraordinary richness and comprehensiveness. In innumerable lectures and talks given all over America, Europe and Australia, his inspired teachings enlightened all aspects of human life with simplicity and clarity and yet with the greatest depth. When you stop praying for what you think is missing, and simply attune yourself to the extraordinary richness, the quality and the love that is at the core if your heart becomes apparent.” Female leader, frustrated at work, stressed at home,

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