Introduction Programme

“A month is a very short period of time but it can be the equivalent of 15 years of dabbling with a toe in the bath”

Before you commit to taking Chris as your business, career and or personal advisor, it’s really valuable for you to get to know each other and cover off 90% of low hanging fruit that can be filling your mind, heart and soul with stress or anxiety. In fact, maybe 30 days is all you need with Chris.

In 30 Days:

1. Find your VIP (vision, inspiration, purpose

2. Empty your emotional backpack, unload, unwind, clear the fog.

3. Reboot, recharge, re inspire, re-motivate, re-invigorate.

4. Learn a whole new language to separate cause and effect, put order back into chaos.

Contact Chris to have a one on one chat about this or just email your questions here.

In the meantime enjoy Chris’ podcasts and blog posts below. They’re always entertaining…

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