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Thank you to the nearly One Million people who follow this work and agree that a life without love is a life wasted. You lead the world and I am so honoured to be your teacher, mentor, coach and student. Thank you for your comments and likes on the itunes


How many people agree that you can’t give what you haven’t got? But how many of us try… it’s time to change all that. All humanity grows at the border of order and chaos. What doesn’t grow attracts catastrophe, disaster and humbling circumstances. Seeking tranquility therefore attracts disaster. Instead, we

Biophilia – Step 3 In Self-Leadership

 The wellbeing benefits of the natural world are regularly highlighted through our work at the Network of Wellbeing, and so it’s a pleasure to see that many other people share our passion. One example of this is the well-respected Arts and Humanities Research Council supporting a research project on Cultures of Nature and

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