Being Strong

The Challenges In this image we see the oscillation of emotion. The upper emotion is balanced by the downer. (left is up and right is down) Addictions to uppers results in confrontations in downers. Our mission was to unhook those addictions to upper experiences and reframe the mission of life

Come home from work with more energy than you left with… and get more done.

Examination of your ups and downs. Draw a line from the bottom left of a sheet to the top right. On the bottom left mark birth. Top right mark the work dream you love to achieve.. “CEO fortune 500” or “Olympic Gold” or “Write a best Selling Book” – across

How to Bridge the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be Without Wasting Valuable Time.

Last week, I sent a really important episode of a podcast to a client. She listened and complimented the episode of the podcast. By the end of the week she’d skipped listening to that one episode and my podcasts and had grown attached listening to the rest of the episodes


Emotions have no place in business. Emotions are for romance, fantasy and life. Work is work. There are only three emotions you are encouraged to have at work. They are: 1. Gratitude for the past…. this means you are thankful for every singe day that every came your way from

Masterclass Series Launch for Coached Innerwealth Clients…

In corporate training environments the presenter must, by the nature of the room, present to the lowest common denominator. This means, in essence, that those who are ready for advancement to new levels of performance development are held back by those whose emotional and ambition quota is overwhelmed. Masterclass is


Thank you to the nearly One Million people who follow this work and agree that a life without love is a life wasted. You lead the world and I am so honoured to be your teacher, mentor, coach and student. Thank you for your comments and likes on the itunes

Being the very best version of yourself.

In business coaching everything comes back to you being the very best version of yourself. If this doesn’t happen, everything else turns to mud. Being the very best version of yourself requires a daily investment of focussed time and energy. It also requires that you catch any bugs and bees

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