Energy and You

There are few cases of success which have not resulted from mastery of faculty and mind. Nature reminds us of the laws of success. Trees send branches and roots in search of sun and water, continually questing for better vantage, sending roots for support and water. It’s an attractive force that binds us all. This [...]

Life in the Balance

For many years people from all walks of life have sought some sort of spiritual and personal solace from the rigours of work. It has been a painful journey because most have sought it in temples and places of isolation, creating even more conflict between reality and the isolated tranquility of retreat. Caves turned into [...]


Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in May, 1954. It had never been broken before that. Within 12 months more than 30 people broke it again. Barriers hold us. They are the placebo of the mind. A white pill, known to contain nothing but dust, will cure 80% of headaches. In Tibet, doctors visit [...]