Real Life Experience – Unique Solutions

Chris speaks from his heart to yours, using 40 years experience as a coach in human development and his own rather extraordinary life.

“This man (Chris) is an inspired human being and I am honoured to now call him a friend. I hope that the Innerwealth journey will be for you as it has been for me – a nuts and bolts directory to bring more love, beauty harmony and inspiration into your life. – On stress leave with company psychologist intervention. Deloitte Senior Partner, UK

“Nobody beats us up more than we beat ourselves up. Nobody treats us better or worse than we treat ourselves. Here I realised that I could first create a more generous relationship with myself and stop waiting for others to change. I learnt that I can’t give what I haven’t got and this means I gained a huge step in moving forward in all seven areas of my life (relationship, career, health, social, financial, mental and spiritual). I love the nature based self awareness and mindfulness that’s included in Chris’ teachings. – Recovering addiction, seeking to get back on track in career, Anonymous but you know me for my music.