A few days ago I wrote an article “How does Innerwealth Coaching make you wealthy” Now it’s time to take this to the next level by doing a healthy SWAT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.

Go to each of the three areas pointed out in that article and do an honest self-appraisal. Except I want you to try something exceptionally different. Would like you to do it twice like this:

  1. Version One: First fill out weaknesses and threats. Then write the reason your weaknesses and threats are actually strengths. For example you might write “insecure” as a weakness in the self-belief area of the Promotion Trilogy. Well, in the strengths, write, ability to be humble, learn, grow, open minded, self aware, which are just a few of the benefits of insecure. In the threats you might write, “Younger than others” and write the opportunities as the benefits of this: more energy, more time to learn, more enthusiasm, not complicated by mental ageing. You get the gist.
  2. Version two: Start with the strengths and opportunities and then write the drawbacks of these in the weakness and threats area. This, Innerwealth approach to a SWAT analysis is so refined and revealing – it actually increases self-belief – the thing you need for self-selling and business, relationship and work promotion.

Go on, action is the key to self worth… do it now

With Inspiration


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