What would Mother Nature do? – What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? It’s a simple question about purpose, but one we don’t often take the time to think about.

With that in mind, Richard Branson, of Virgin fame, was delighted to contribute to Natasha Milne and Barbara Royal’s wonderful book all about sharing reasons to be positive about protecting the earth we all share.

101 reasons to get out bed in the morning showcases the insights of some of the most brilliant minds, to work in and care about conservation – from Dr Jane Goodall to Richard Branson. Here are Branson’s answers to Natasha and Barbara’s questions, to whet your appetite for the whole thing.

What animal or environmental issue gets you out of bed, and why?

Ruby, a beautiful red heeler mix, gets me out of bed each morning! What gets me inspired each day is the opportunity to listen and learn from the wonders of Mother Nature. What drives me to act is the Planetary Boundaries work of Johan Rockstrom and a group of scientists. This exciting framing clearly shows the tremendous opportunity humanity has to “stay in Eden” by respecting Mother Nature’s boundaries and using innovation and collaboration to deliver abundance for all.


What are you doing about it?

The degradation of all major ecosystems, climate change, ocean acidification, and the breaching of other natural boundaries are the greatest challenges and opportunities of our lifetime. We have all the tools we need to reverse course to “stay in Eden.” We now need a different operating model, driven by collaboration, compassion, respect for nature, and a sense of urgency.

At Virgin Unite, we are working with partners on a number of initiatives including:

  • Turning business-as-usual upside down by creating a new economic model that respects, values and celebrates nature in a radically new way; it’s a model that includes business leaders listening to and learning from nature’s wisdom to re-invent how we live and work in the world.
  • Celebrating the ocean as a force that literally keeps us alive by giving us the oxygen we need for every breath.
  • Ending our reliance on fossil fuels by supporting the growing movement toward clean energy for all.

What would Mother Nature do? Ask yourself this question and change your relationship with nature in all you do, every day.

What can everyone do about it? 

What would Mother Nature do? Ask yourself this question and change your relationship with nature in all you do, every day. Stay in Eden! Learn more about the Planetary Boundaries and live in abundance within them. Turn your business upside down to serve people and the planet, rather than the other way around. Listen to one another and to Mother Nature’s four billion years of wisdom.

Now, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

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  1. Hi Chris, we really appreciate you sharing Richard Branson’s blog about our book. You can find out more about it here at http://www.101reasonstogetoutofbed.com. Thank you.

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