The original artwork for my Sacred Love book cover came from a tee shirt design I bought in Kathmandu. I lost the tee shirt but kept this wonderful image. Although it looks like a man and a woman making love, it is only one person fully integrated, balanced with masculine and feminine energy rising up each side of the spine. It is the basis of sacred love, to be fulfilled, complete in self and then arrive in relationship. When there is need on either part there is denial of truth and love cannot thrive only expectations thrive in need. In Sacred Love I suggest that a love filled relationship comes from falling in love a thousand times a day, not just with one person, but with life itself. Nothing is too small, nothing is trivial when it comes to living in love.

About the Author Chris Walker

Uniquely Australian, highly intuitive and inspired, Chris Walker is one of the world’s leading change agents, life coaches and retreat leaders. He has worked with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders throughout the world. Chris is on the forefront of radical personal development and change that inspires people to find purpose and to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature. His methods are dynamic, and direct. His work is gifted, heart-opening and inspirational.
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