‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O’Leary on work-life balance

The classic definition of work life balance is the measure of how much time you spend away (work) and how much time you spend at home (life). The balance is some mathematical calculation usually made by your spouse about this time spent ratio. But what if your presence is token? What if you are just there in body but you are exhausted, grumpy, in a foul mood, picky, depressed, frustrated? Your spouse will still want you home funny enough, because they kinda hope that the old you will emerge from that fog every now and then and validate their hope that they’ve made a good choice in their life. But bit by bit your spouse will get fat or sad or depressed or angry or alcoholic and that’s because they’re realised they’re living with an ass, and their dreams of the future have gone up in smoke. Maybe a better way of thinking about work life balance is about coming home balanced, centred and calm. That requires a different approach to travel, etc. It’s not about the hours, it’s about how you treat yourself. Staying balanced at work means you come home and bring the best of you home. And then, well, your partner will remember why they chose you.



  1. Amy McLean says:

    This is great! Would love to share it on blog if you don’t mind, please let me know 🙂

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