New Blog Site Specifically targeting and Inspiring you to do The WALKER POWER HOUR

Here’s my new blog focussed on the POWER HOUR

I’m not here to sugar coat it. If you can’t give yourself one hour a day of ME time to stay young, relevant, fit, healthy, mentally healthy, loving, inspired, wise, confident, wealthy, healthy, socially relevant, on purpose and to spread good leadership and cheer in the world, well you need more than what I have to offer. You need a therapist but more worryingly, you’ll need to spend a huge amount of time trying to recover, cure and heal your life with downtime and holidays to escape the life you create. For me, there’s a better way. 

There’s an opportunity to live a magical and spiritually driven life and that’s what I share. In 30 days I help you lay track, inspire yourself to be creative and open. In just 30 days of intensity I encourage you to get connected through nature and I show you how. It’s the best meditation on earth because it’s real and heart warming and you can do it everywhere without a cushion. I help you put your heart and soul into your work and personal life. There’s no such thing as a half hearted success story, and the enemy of heart and soul is the inability for good, lucky, blessed people to invest an hour a day to keep the knife and the stress of life away. 

I help you because I messed it up a bit 35 years ago and it cost me big time. So, I spent 35 years teaching resistant people, like I was, to think inspired and to know the difference between an emotion and an inspiration. One of which takes you to hell and back and the other is your real inner self directing your life. 

So, I designed a 30 day challenge to teach you all the elements of a daily power hour. How to stay inspired, overcome negative emotional states, to look great, to be healthy mentally and physically. I designed all this through 35 years of trial and error and by distilling thousands of years of wisdom into the Universal Laws of Nature. Ready? It’s your commitment.

Live with spirit,

Chris Walker