Why wouldn’t you give yourself a fair go?

Every single day I meet another person who is burnt out, lost libido, no mojo left and struggling at home and at work. Typically they want validation that the world is tough, partners are bad (both sexes do this) and that Cadbury and bread are good for you and not the cause of their weight problem. Frankly, they don’t pay me enough to get that lie fed back. How could I when I know that this positive feedback could be killing them?

You can’t give what you haven’t got and you don’t get mojo or libido nor health unless you choose to be good to yourself. Simply, it means an hour a day, between wake and sleep that we call, “me time.”

You can’t give what you haven’t got. 

If you don’t care about you, don’t ask others to. If you don’t get inspired by your vision stop moaning that your boss doesn’t. If you haven’t got the self respect to give yourself nurturing, healthy food, why would your partner give a toss. 

The key? Stop asking people to treat you better than you treat yourself. 

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