How the Walk Your Talk Process Gets you Back on Track and Helps You Stay there

Do you feel like you are being pulled from pillar to post trying to get things done? Does your situation feel like it’s a never ending battle trying to manage time, people’s expectations and your own ambitions? In other words are you feeling compromised?

Compromise is a death trap.


Compromise stresses you out. It sickens you. You feel like a half person. When you compromise you break your own heart.


Be careful that the thing you are hanging onto, and feeling compromised about, is worth hanging onto. Too much of that compromised feeling can be just your ego. And when that happens, and your resist compromise you may just be fighting for thin air.

When to Compromise

Whenever you make a stand for or against something, it’s just your ego having a field day… So, that might not be the wisest thing to resist compromising.

Whenever you feel insulted, ignored, put down, shamed, embarrassed, humiliated… that’s again, your ego pretending to be you when it’s not. So, maybe that’s not a great place to resist compromise.

Thinking you are better or worse, more right than wrong, might again be your ego just peeing into the wind and what you might call push back or resistance from people, might just be blow back from peeing into the wind. Better to compromise and go with the flow.

When not to compromise

There is only one topic on which you can justify not compromising and that is?


You have a talent right? Nature put in you a gift. It could be music. It could be writing. It could be playing footy. It could be cooking. Whatever it is, you’ve probably done a lot of it and done pretty good at it. It’s this that can’t be compromised.

If you give up trying to be good at that, you compromise yourself. You can easily compromise your beliefs or religious ideas because they are just thoughts, but if you compromise your talent, your ambition to get paid more and more for doing more and more of that, you give up. If you give up on your talent, you give up on you.

Now there are a lot of hocus pokus so called spiritual or self help therapies around that suggest that you are you, no matter what you do. I disagree. If you don’t do more and more of what you were born to do, you end up hating you. And then you can’t walk your talk which makes you rigid and resistant and ego centric. When that happens you might just start resisting compromise on the wrong things.

When a person can’t walk their talk they start to talk their talk. They argue that they are right and others are wrong. They want to win arguments and put others down because they lost their own self respect. It’s a hard situation because fighting for the ego and being right is exhausting and always escalates troubles.

Do you know your talent?

If not, come do the Back on Track .. I’ll help you find it.

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