Charisma – Sex Appeal without the Sex

There are four substitutes for charisma in life.

  • Food (instantaneous gratification)
  • Greed (control and fear)
  • Sexuality (other’s opinion in substitute for self respect)
  • Spirituality (escapism and superiority)

Most interesting is the third – Sexuality … for today’s chat.

On multiple occasions I’ve had the fortune to meet and spend time with and work along side of some of the most beautiful women on earth. Two in particular were Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins. Two women with powerful charisma that had all the earmarks of what we’d define as great leadership.


Their beauty isn’t just skin deep. It goes deep to self confidence, self belief and heart.

It is also sex appeal.

It’s extraordinarily attractive this charisma that’s built on more than cosmetic beauty. It makes young and old equally beautiful, men and women equally available as leaders with charisma.

And it can be learnt.

It can also be lost in the blink of an eye if you don’t treasure it.

If you use substitutes for charisma it cannot survive a real day where support and challenge both come your way.

Charisma is built on Vision – Inspiration and Purpose (self confidence)

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