Immigration, World Poverty and Gumboils – Video

In nature, there are no boundaries. The lines between one thing and another are simple the different vibrations they hold, that cause particles to shape themselves. Countries are vibrations just as a business is a vibration. 3,000 people may get together and make a business but if the leadership is weak and not charismatic, those vibrations will self destruct. This is the role of leadership to cause all the parts to become the whole. To pull vibrations together to one.

A poor country has a poor vibration. Nepal for example has fragmented factions of politics, interest groups and socio economic political groups all pulling in different directions. It’s hard to transition to a democracy after a King has ruled for so long. But it’s happening.

In this video, you may see the reference to immigration as one vibration, the USA being able to absorb more than a certain amount of lower vibration, poverty, without disruption.Certainly immigration may not the the solution to poverty but it does raise the vibration of it and those who leave their country inspire others from a distance. Remember, you are never a prophet in your own home. Sometimes leaving is the only way to fix something.

Obviously the immigration issue he’s sharing is a political stand … right wing .. but there’s a reality check in it. I suspect some of the statistics are exaggerated … worth a listen I think.