Inverse Bullying “Body Fat Makes You a Target of Incivility at Work”

Read this article about BODY FAT people. Then read my comments below it. See if you can detect the inverse bullying.
THE DAILY STAT: Harvard Business Review  -October 12, 2015
Body Fat Makes You a Target of Incivility at Work

“The more body fat an employee carries, the greater the chances he or she will experience discourteous workplace behaviors such as interrupting, failing to return greetings, and not refilling printer paper, according to a team led by Katherine A. Sliter of Bowling Green State University. For example, in one study, overweight people reported higher levels of such forms of incivility than their healthy-weight peers (2.48 versus 1.53 on a 1-to-5 scale). Obesity may be “one of the last legally and socially acceptable” targets of workplace discrimination, the researchers say. SOURCE: Employee Adiposity and Incivility: Establishing a Link and Identifying Demographic Moderators and Negative Consequences

Here’s my comment:

Can anybody treat you better or worse than you treat yourself? In nature the answer to this is conspicuous but in the isolation of a corporate universe, separated from nature, you could be forgiven for saying “I don’t know.” Or, more appropriately “it’s not allowed to think like that.”

But nature is everywhere. Only where people are separated from nature by cultural laws can there be a denial of nature, universe, god, love and consciousness.

The article is really saying “people with body fat treat themselves with disrespect.” That is kind of understandable when you think that body fat is a symptom rather than a cause of disrespect. Nobody does to us more than we do to ourselves and to that end, a “body fat” person is demonstrating a deep disrespect, disregard, disconnection from themselves. That adverse relationship with self is reflected in the way people act toward them.

There are some people with body fat who do treat themselves well and therefore get treated well. Oprah Winfrey might be a good example. But she’s not at the massive end of the body fat scale. So, what’s the solution?

If the article were to demonstrate that people who have body fat have self esteem issues and self worth issues it would do two things: First, it would place blame for the fat and for treatment where it belongs, rather than with others. That’s a healthy start. Second, it would give some sort of permission for those who work with fat people to feel some greater compassion for the cause of their behaviour and therefore a greater sense of compassion for them. That’s the benefit of nature, it’s honest, intuitive and triggers genuine human kindness as a result.

Your thoughts are welcome…

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