Healing Hurt – A Different Option

From time to time we get off track and when that happens we seek help either from a partner, friend, counsellor, therapist, colleague, coach or psychologist. They are all valid sources of support when we are facing challenge. I would like to offer another option.

Firstly, the option I would like to offer will be intense and fast and therefore confronting and challenging, so it’s not for the fainthearted or those who want to hear what they want to hear. The option I offer is based on human connection to nature and therefore deep, unbiased, and direct. It searches for the cause rather than trying to work on the effect of whatever it is that has caused you to feel disconnected from yourself or others.

Secondly, the option I offer worked for me on multiple occasions when I, as an entrepreneur, leader, father, partner and friend was overwhelmed with the trauma of chaos that I had never expected to face. Therefore, I’m not offering an academically authenticated process that has withstood the rigours of scientific exploration but rather I am offering something that has been passed to me from the hands of those who have learnt from a heritage dating back thousands of years.

Finally, the option I offer is based on human consciousness. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to evolve out of every trauma and challenge and chaos that we face into a better place. I believe this last element is the heartfelt difference between conventional process mentioned above and what I offer. I will take you to nature, I will ask you to explore the situation that confronts you, I will demonstrate to you the difference between the approach you currently have and what nature would teach you if she could speak. Therefore your teacher is not me. It is nature.

There are endless opportunities to apply what you learn from nature. If you learned how to evolve through pain in any situation you will learn how to evolve without pain in all situations. Therefore, not only do you get at healing of an existing situation but you get a skill and an asset that you can share with others for the rest of your born days.

Take a look at the image on the header of this page. When I say I have applied it to myself I am not talking about trivial times of dissatisfaction. I’ve been through a life shattering divorce, health issues, business challenges and spiritual disconnection of the worst possible kind. This picture was taken 10 days after one such event. So, the process I offer has stood firm ever since the first time I learnt it. This is not rhetoric. I offer a 100% personal commitment to help you get to the other side and find the beauty that exists when the chaos is turned to order and you witness the laws of nature in practice in your life.

There will be three key outcomes that you will take back to your real world: the first will be a vision that will include all seven areas of life to create and replace what you may have lost. The second will be the power of nature woven into your ability to turn up, happy, fulfilled, inspired, in love, in power all day everyday for the rest of your life. This will include the process of handling challenges.

The third and final will be a sense of meaning. There is a reason for our lives greater then pleasure, being right, survival and materiality. When we find that reason, that meaning, we have a peg on which to hang our hat on, this is grounding, personal presence, leadership and a very attractive and powerful self-awareness to take into the future.

​It is my responsibility here to say that I am not a therapist, Dr, lawyer or any person qualified to intervene in a medical issue. I simply offer you a better way of dealing with the challenges that come your way.