Instant Calm
Proper Breathing
Focused Mind
Feet can change your life
Natures Guide
Your Tongue
Relax the Big Toe first
Anti Depression Posture
Your Spine is your mind
Listen to Your Body
Fast emotional power
Calming the mind
Instant Cure for Headache 
Saving Vital Energy
Stop Worry – Live Longer
Stop Stressing – change your mind
Death is illusion
Stop Fidgeting
Live your dream
Keep your hopes high
Stay humble
Face challenges confidently
Stay young forever
Keep control of your belly
Keep your hips open and flexible – stretch
Knee torque
Spine torque
Balance your tension
Choose your weapons wisely
Follow your nose
Balance your breath – ease your mind
Follow your heart
Bums protect
Floating ribs don’t float
Honour Authority – it’s natures law
Turning up
Mind over matter
Love ‘em before you leave ‘em
Live beyond shame and guilt – be proud of your truth
Protect your relationship from trivia
Be Mindful of what enters your subconscious – always
Put the plug in the socket
Study your Poo
Beyond exercise – healthy habits
Keep your eyes Soft
Keep your mind and ears open
Keep your hat on
Let it goBe strong in your heart and the world is a beautiful place
Dump the baggage of ego – find your truth
Climb the Sacred Mountain
Your True nature – you must be true to your heart
Your Heart is your true nature – a personal Spirituality
Hold your centre within yourself and you will be in truth
Moderation – is balance – even use moderation in moderation
Self Actualised – tension drops
Nothing is really missing in your life – Be grateful for the form of your wealth
A penetrating intensity – with calm in your heart – this is a great life ideal
The past is really irrelevant unless you make it so
Find your spiritual heart and hold it as your core strength
Personal spirituality means getting beyond feelings, doubts and thoughts
The highest spiritual goal of life – an open loving heart
Allow your real personality to shine – your heart is filled with love
Be thankful for all of life – where is nature not?
Intent – pure intent – not to harm anyone
Be still while you are doing it
The common traits of naturally Vital people
Personal Vitality – You are a battery
There are two kinds of health
The hallmark of great healers are:
The diaphragm controls
Breath of the soul
Find Your Peace of Mind
The fertile mind is magnetic
Foods that destroy magnetism
There is a significant list of non-magnetic foods.  They vary person to person, however these are the general rules:
Speaking with magnetism
Balanced, Centred, Calm
The magnetic person proceeds easily.
Public Speaking
Magnetic Walking
Self-confidence is a Habit
How to cultivate self-confidence
Natural is best – self control is the key
Tension energy generates vitality
Vitality in touch is always tense
The tensed voice
The tensed neck
General hints for the development of personal vitality
Damp Sucks Energy
Stimulants mask the body’s own capacity to adapt
Beware of Water excess and deficiency
Don’t Overheat the Room in Winter
To control vital magnetism first control negative emotions through the mind
The Skin –
The tongue Mind body spirit – it’s all one
Subconscious thoughts – this is life at it’s deepest
Evolve – means that what once disturbed your mind – now doesn’t
There are two sides to every coin
Worry and fear kill Personal Vitality
Physical and mental relationships for Vitality
The three Vital energy leakage sources
Stop physical leakage of Vital energy
Stop mental leakage of energy
Surface thinking – Destroys vitality
Stop the nervous leakage of energy
Other  behaviours that quickly drain Vitality
Reduce physical waste – calmness dead stillness
Relaxation and meditation are the art of vital recuperation
Improve yourself daily not by adding but by subtracting something you didn’t like
Be humble to nature and her laws
Decisions – garbage in automatically means garbage out
Wealth is not what it seems
Conflict comes from two righteous people
What is in your heart?
Don’t get your Knickers in a Knott
Breathe deep – let it all out
Hyperactive is a cry for presence
Men take note
Controlling is ugly
Beyond Pimples
What allot of snot you got
Breath and mind are one
Relaxation is an extreme sport
Act on it. Organise it. Supervise it, Deputise it.
Change the colour of your day
Music is the gateway to the soul
Life force – energy obeys thought
Better not be bitter – “butter” be sweet
Brush your tongue daily
Skin deep
Communication is your state of emotion
Hold your power
Learn to charge your battery
Think your life long
You chose your circumstances – you create your reality
Get beyond blame – that’s spiritual
Victims can’t heal
Life is energy – success is energy
First impressions count
Positive thinking is the key  to negative thinking
Positive thinking is the key  to depression
Never be lonely again
Find the middle path
Take good care of yourself
Life is not conformity – awaken your heart
Life force is free it’s everywhere.
Live long breathe deep.
Oxygen – natures preventive for all diseases
Inhale to inspire – exhale to relax
Overcoming challenge guarantees it’s opposite
Fresh air – vital for life and love
Eliminate toxin at it’s source – eliminate negative emotions
Breathe deep – live forever I need nothing, want nothing and therefore I have everything in this moment
Fundamentalism is prime-evil
Love melts Ego
What you judge you breed, attract or become
Our Stories create Realities
Nature is the music of the soul
Meditation is living
Let it all in
Live with Thankfulness
Reflections can be wonderful
Love has no future
When you are in love you become love
Music of the soul – balanced harmony always has two sides
Doubting Mind Knows no peace
Children – they thrive on what you thrive on – LOVE
Your Greatest Teachers are children
Flexibility – Changing Your Mind
Happiness is a full belly
Staying calm and vital
Things have a life and death cycle
Products carry energy
Inspiration is the art of work
Emptiness is the home of creativity
Be Alone Each Day
Start your day with your spiritual practice
Inspiration – moments of presence and calm
Inspiration may come at anytime.
No single person is more worthy than the next for inspiration.
The third eye – the source of inspiration
Look people between the eyes, not in the eyes.
Simple things are best
Health is natures gift  – ill health is natures teaching
Miracles start With simple awareness
Choose your destiny
Get off the Booze Bus
Rest for your life
Thrive is Better than Survive
To hell with heaven.
Follow nature’s hand.
The Work Life Balance Myth
Begin to live as nature wants you to live.
Pay Yourself First
Self Esteem
What are you willing to Give up for it?
Slow Suicide is Legal
Take the power back
Self Control – Self Discipline
Associates Create The Future
Good friendships are vital
Dreams without meaning do not exist.
Look how you want to feel
The way you dress is a mobile meditation.
Mindful action
Got the jitters – see a doctor
Steadiness is a habit.
Calm can be acquired
Low Self Worth Puts Life into Slow Motion
Work on High Priorities – Do it, Dump it, or Delegate it
Inspiration …
Make every moment count
Work Yourself Backward to Now
Peace of Mind … Beware
Busy is Crazy …
Stay young forever
Spine align – feel fine
Walking meditation – it’s ideal
Love, respect and a connection to nature
Learn to laugh – At Yourself First
Graciousness –
Surprise People
Getting Past Perceptions
There’s nothing to change – that’s true love
Be What You Want Your Children to Become
Killing People With Kindness
Kindness begins at home.
Begin with trust and faith – then move to love
To love is to Trust
Be aware
Life is energy – learn to manage that and all will flow before you
Mind control – is life control
Sadness is the flip side to happiness. Just observe people to recognise this
Fear drives things away
The one who thinks first, looses – hold your cool
Nervous system is the spiritual system – look after it
Self-worth comes from doing things worthy of self
Faith in ourselves and then faith in creation – these are the keys
We are where we “chose to be” some time ago – no blame – no victim – our choices
Choose well today so in the future you’ll be happy about those choices
The Subconscious – can be made conscious – the key to success
Four Substitutes for nature’s energy: Food, Sex, Greed, Spirituality.
Future is more important than anything
Learn to be alone
Learn to protect your aloneness
Experience is the most expensive – yet the best if all else fails
Self-reliance is the key to living with happiness
Self-reliance is the key to living with integrity
Peace is not the answer – never will be unless it’s inner peace.
Inner Peace means harmony which means accepting support and challenge equally
Trust yourself first
Personal Strength is to live consciously
Disease can be prevented and if not, cured by natural law
You need a purpose in life greater than you – usefulness is happiness
Find the true value of your life
Follow natures plan – change comes – can’t be forced
Know natures intent and you know natures future – for you
Change the tiny cause and one million things in your life can be affected
Live with nature – not fight against it – you can’t win
Universal Understanding – We are all the same
Go beyond the surface – Live from your deepest heart
Change whatever you need to so that your mind becomes still and strong
Do not obey, attend to, follow or become interested in emotion – it can be evil
Make every word – every action and act of pure thoughtfulness
All the answers are within, all the questions are without-know the difference
Being open goes beyond fear-it means being able to say no, no, no ,no and still feeling love
True dignity is raw honesty
Do not react – be still and allow each moment to be refreshed and new
Become happy within yourself and then consider your attempt to change others
Refuel in the morning, charge your spiritual batteries in the morning
Fill yourself with a sense of abundance and then without desire go about your life with passion
Burn suffering by living without tension
Become aware of the child within you and feel that joyful soul every moment alive
Evolve – in the face of pain or suffering – you must evolve – change what you think in order to eliminate the suffering
Worry never solved a problem – stillness and love finds solutions
Study for your life – Who am I and why am I here?
Take the responsibility – life is about choice – your choices
Life is a choice – yours and you can make it now
Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that every crisis carries a blessing
Don’t quiet your life – that’s crazy – still your life instead – everywhere
Develop a powerful sense of stillness and calm
Develop a powerful sense of steadiness and magnetism
Stop the jitters – sit still – calm your nerves
Recognise the symptoms of stress
The first thing is to look to the future with hope and initiative
Ideology is the curse – open your mind to simplicity and kindness
Find your centre – your true self – the real centre and stillness will come.
Be true to your deepest passion – it is the key to your own heart – and others
Don’t react – choose to be there or not, but no need to have judgment
Allow your life experiences to go deep, feel it, feel it, feel it
Nothing belongs to you, it’s all a loan – don’t hold on – you’ll kill it
The poorest person – irrespective of wealth – is the needy one
Try to see both sides – yes there’s hardship but there’s also joy every time
The confused friend is toxic. Caution is essential
To move on from the past you must learn to love it
The key to spiritual growth is to unlearn what life has taught you
Unlearning the past – means letting go of half truths
Balance is the key to Beauty
Be centred
Change is only needed when evolving is overlooked
Distress is the sister of Regress
Centred front and back, side to side flat on your feet.
What are the keys to living happily?
Balance achievement with experience
Spirituality is finding your true nature
Listen and you are awake
Gratitude is the attitude
Anything you cannot be grateful for runs your life
If you don’t appreciate it the way that you’ve got it you wont’ get it the way that you want it

About the Author Chris Walker

Uniquely Australian, highly intuitive and inspired, Chris Walker is on the forefront of radical personal development and change that inspires people to find purpose and to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature. His methods are dynamic, and direct. His work is gifted, heart-opening and inspirational. The process Chris embraces can be confrontational, but if you are prepared to “step out” the personal power that this knowledge gives you is without doubt life changing and truly inspiring. Chris’s purpose is to open hearts and to stop the hurt. His work comes from his heart and is a truly magnificent gift for anyone ready to receive it. Chris shows people how to bring spirit into their life and keep it there. His sensitivity and empathy to others is his gift. The most powerful thing that we can do with our lives is to be on purpose, and live with the knowledge of spirit. Chris helps you discover this, that which is already yours, and through his work, you will find the courage and love to honour your-self and follow your heart. Chris brings his work to individuals and businesses. He believes for business success, you first need to create personal success, and this happens when your business and the people within it are on purpose. Chris Walker is an author, a speaker and a truly inspirational individual who has been fortunate enough in this life to find and live his truth.
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