Emotional Strength

Heart ache, headache, grief, depression, sadness, frustration, anger and all the addictions that come with it, can be sorted in a few short steps by using nature’s universal laws.

That wisdom gives you insight to see where your thinking, and nature’s rhythm are not humming the same tune.

Then, by making small adjustments in your mind, you get back on track without too much fuss.

Life is a journey, most of it emotional, so you can use wisdom over and over again to inspire your life, help your family, and contribute more to those around you at work and social.


  1. Specifically what’s the issue (unbundle the feeling to find what hurts)
  2. Discover yourself (where you actually do what you’re pointing to)
  3. Find the benefit to others that you do it.
  4. Find the benefit to self for doing it
  5. Ask “am I thankful for it?
  6. If the answer to 5 is yes, yr done, if it’s no, go back to 1. unpack the feeling more)