The Realism of Your Heart and Soul

Think it through. In the year 1900 ad – they didn’t have cars, phones, guns, tv, internet even computers? It was easier then. It was easier because if you wanted rabbit for dinner you’d typically have to go get one. If you liked carrots you’d probably have to grow them. Then some ass worked out that human beings were the means of production. They build offices (previously called prisons) and factories (no previous word for it other than slavery). People went in a hole a one end and after a protracted period of quite violent overseeing, often with a whip in hand, the work was done and the person was released back into the wild. 

Some noddy then came up with the idea that making the wild more comfortable helped that individual recuperate from work faster and so, they could produce more. And so began the pursuit of madness. Work longer, to earn more, to recuperate better in order to produce more and work longer. Science stuck its nose into the equation by asking one question “how can we get human things to produce more?” Ergonomic chairs were invented and then the conference industry came after it. Coffee helped.

There was a collusion between religious institutions and the capitalists. Ok, we won’t work them on Sunday because they need to go to Church. This too makes them more productive. And of course guarantees that there’s more “means of production” to replace them when they burn out. They will, if they have Sunday off, make babies and have families and therefore we’ll have a resource of human labour for the growth we need.

Eventually someone said, “people produce more if you give them Saturday off.” and so, Saturday became a rest day. Now, at least 40% of the workforce work 4 days or less a week. Soon it will be three days a week. Then two. Then one. Political correctness has taken over the workplace which is really saying “church doesn’t finish on Sunday.” In Canada all students were banned from wearing perfume because one teacher had an allergy to it. Productivity and effective work are no longer the driving force of organisational change, placating emotional turbulence is now the key HR concern. The minority rules and when this happens, the lunatics get to run the asylum.

Lets put the cloth down for a minute. You need to pull out of that nut house while at the same time you need to work there and bring home the bacon (money). You need to freshen up between work and home because when you get home you are also in a culture where be nice is important. So there’s a lot of faking it and working to be someone – someone else wants you to be. It’s all effort. And can be exhausting unless you take a step back and reconsider your process.

Faking it is a part of human interaction. You are not going to call the ugly person ugly or the fat person fat or the dumb one dumb because it would hurt them and ultimately you. So, you are going to try to be a “reasonably” caring (manipulative) individual because getting on with people means family, relationships, business success and so much more. Ultimately, it’s leadership because who’s going to follow an asshole into battle?

Your heart and soul is independent of all that. Your heart and soul doesn’t give a rats about political correct or being manipulative. It exists, it loves and it does, And the danger is getting caught half way in between. Half emotionally driven by the do good, feel good, be good demands of family and business networking and half aware that you have a dream, a vision and a call from your God to go kick the door down and create.

Here’s the rub from Nature. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

Be alone, be heart and soul driven. Find your vision, repeat it, refine it, allow the universe to energise it. Don’t broadcast it. Be alone with it. Define yourself by it. Anchor it. Value it. Not one day lose it. Own it. And then go to work earn money and do what you do. The outside, your goodness and networking comes easily if your inside is grounded in heart and soul. Don’t try to change people. Enjoy them. Let the outside be enjoyable and you do this easily when the inside of you is the real core, not people’s compliance to your emotional variables and dogma. Let others be, anchor your life through your heart and soul.

That process begins before work … 30 minutes of VIP Vision, Inspiration and Purpose.

And it begins in Nature. “You won’t find your heart in a temple until you find the temple in your heart” Get outside morning before work, get bare foot – repeat your VIP in nature. Find this heart that doesn’t need compliance, this soul that speaks inside you only in pictures. Liberate that connection to creator or creation through simple connectivity to nature. Let it become the part of you that you define as you. Your VIP and then go dance the day in a state of eternal play. Celebrate diversity in both political correctness and in emotional responsiveness through others. Do this, only this is possible if you define yourself as more than what you think, what you do, how you feel and what others perceive. Be alone, be connected. Be Nature. Then go out and celebrate the outside.

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