When You are Green You Are Growing – When You Are Ripe You Rot

Evolve Cycles - FrustraLet’s imagine that your business currently serves 1000 people. By the law of nature within 12 months it needs to be serving 1200 people. The only alternative to that is if it develops some form of pyramid scheme where your business serves less people but those people serve more. I chose that last option in regard to my speaking career. I was speaking to large audiences and feeling like I couldn’t get my message across because those who were hiring me didn’t want the full double-barrelled story. So I chose to work one person at a time. By doing this my mission is to influence one person who in turn can influence thousands or maybe millions. It’s one of the reasons I love working with management consultants and advisers because they are impacting a huge number of people with their work.

But if you don’t own the business or your business is a volume-based environment the question you must be asking yourself every single day is how do I get more done (serve more clients) in less time (less hours per client). This is a evolution. Any business that doesn’t evolve self-destructs because it becomes uncompetitive in the free market. So if your costs are not going down and your volumes are not going up there is a high probability that you are heading in the direction of what is referred to as extinction.

Over specialisation leads to extinction. This does not suggest that we must have a diverse range of products but what it is suggesting is we must have options. A great example of this is an employee. An employee is wise to have either another source of income other than their full-time job or job offers in the wind. Any person who is held to ransom in their work can easily gravitate to a got to mindset, monkey mind and start operating at a very volatile level. We call this stress.

Stress is a revelation. All stress is caused by lack of evolution. When we don’t evolve we stress. That stress can be financial spiritual emotional relationship health social and mental. The target of the stress really depends on our highest value. I am not going to review that topic here but I will cover it one on one at a later time.  Nobody is immune, every single human being has a duty of care to evolve. We cannot hope to operate as children for ever. We are all born with the intent of growing and giving. When that stops we die.

“When you are green you’re growing, when you are ripe you rot.”  So the question is “where are you stuck?”

There are seven areas of life and it is very important at this point in time to consider that you may not be stuck in the area of life in which you are experiencing the most pain. This is very challenging. For example: I often work with people in business who are stuck in their domestic situation and not evolving personally but who are having amazing and extraordinary stress in their work environment, and are thinking about changing jobs. It would be obvious that it’s more appropriate to deal with the stress at the source rather than to be putting blame on the wrong area of life. This is why we do a VIP checklist to see where challenge might be happening.