The Commitment I Ask for When Individuals Do My 30 day Back on Track Programme.

The commitment I ask for when individuals do the 30 day Back on Track Programme.

  1. Dedicate 30 days of your life to finding out what makes you special and stop being generic in the world of business and relationship?
  2. Do a 90 day health and wellbeing programme and to stick to the negotiated eating plan as best you can for that time?
  3. Make nature super important in your healing and recovery process from whatever stress you may have encountered or are currently dealing with?
  4. Read “chriswalkerisms” – Ibooks and listed to “chriswalkertalk” – podcasts for 30 days outside of your work time so that you don’t mix old paradigms with new?
  5. Laugh in the face of your own ego and work to become a very flexible adaptable person rather than one who reacts to pin pricks?
  6. Get up super early and go to bed super early for 30 days?
  7. Process 12 people in the discard forms and send them along to chris?
  8. Invest in a new wardrobe as necessary and negotiated with Chris to reposition your personal brand?
  9. Attend 4 half day one on one outdoor inspiration sessions with Chris Walker the Anti Guru Guru at Bondi or do them online?
  10. Respond to challenges set by Chris within 24 hours where possible?
  11. Do the morning power hour for 3o days and consider it for life?
  12. Do the ritual of bookends each day so you meditate in your sleep?
  13. Examine your effectiveness at work and leave the office early and get more done than ever in less time?
  14. Improve the quality of your relationships by turning up more than ever before by following the nature principles of heart over head?


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