Is It Time to Change Your Job?

Is it the job or your values that are the problem. I mean, if you can’t link what you are doing to your values, you’ll sabotage what you’re doing. So, one way or the other that alignment has to be sorted.

My view, and advice is to link your values don’t change your job. If you link your values you become the master if you change your job then your job becomes the master. You want to be a slave to a job? I don’t think so.

There is a vital key here and that is the ability to link what you are doing to your values. So it’s not so much what you do that’s important it’s whether you can see how what you were doing improves your highest value.

For example; if you are in a team and the team agrees that you should work tonight between 8 PM and 10 PM and your highest value is family and health then you have no choice but to do the work but what is the state of mind you are in between 8 PM and 10 PM? That state of mind not only affects the quality of your work but also makes it last longer so you do less work in more time.

My objective has been to inspire you so that you can do more work in less time. The single most important component of doing more work in less time is the ability to be inspired and that means linking whatever you are doing in this very moment in time to your highest value. This is called being inspired.

So in the above example you’d need to be able to link missing the family between 8pm and 10 pm tonight to your value of being with your family. How does being away for a night improve the quality of the other time. One way might be to arrange to come to work late and spend the morning with the family instead of rushing to the office. Hey sleep well

There are some people who want to change the job or their relationship or the world or their family or other people or whatever in order to eliminate anything that doesn’t feel connected to the highest value. That creates a very highly motivated individual however the internal disturbance is traumatic. That person is never content and is always confronted by situations they can’t control.

Running around trying to change the world is part of the world’s problem. So instead of running around trying to change everything to eliminate the mundane or boring work we have to do or eliminate the mundane and boring part of being in a relationship or being a parent, it’s wise to be authentic in your values and then learn how to link whatever you are doing in this present moment of time to that highest value.

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