Beware of BLA BLA that Can Stuff You Up Badly (Bad Advice comes cheap)

It’s not often I leverage against a writer and make a stance. When we make a stance someone must make an oppistance, and that’s a nuisance because it’s resistance, and a human fan-dance which is parlance for ignorance.

But today in this blog I am going to demonstrate how cheap advice can damage your life.

Here’s a link to the blog I’m referring to. It’s presented by the HUFFINGTON POST – an organisation with a reach to millions, partnered with Oprah and influencing tens of millions of people, mainly in the US but globally as well. I’m going to rip some pieces out here to compare…. I’ve also made a pdf copy of the 6 Ways to Love Your Life | Kimanzi Constable for you in case you can’t open the link.

The post starts with a fabulous well crafted marketing proposition “6 Ways to Love Your Life”

It therefore reveals that it is targeted to the SHOULD LEVEL of thinking in which the mind operates at a ratio of 6:1 positive to negative… highly emotional and morally and ethically based. That’s important to recognise the target market for the speaker/writer.

1. The author opens by tugging at their own heart strings and therefore yours because it appeals to our primal fear, death. It’s providing a solution to a fear, a fear that life is meaningless and we are going to die meaninglessly. The hidden inference is that by loving your life and living every moment in a state of emotional love, that life will some how slow down and we’ll not die or at least, have more to celebrate when we do. This is a false promise but a very real meme that runs through people’s thoughts. If I fill my life with fun, love and laughter, it will be a better life. Are you sure? Nature and the universal laws argue different.

2. Do Meaningful Work… ”

Don’t spend day in and day out waking up to a job you hate. Use the Internet and technology to create your ideal “work” situation.” 

The author suggests that the work itself is the variable. This is the blame game. It’s also an appeal to the should level of thinking which places blame on circumstances rather than look for the order in the chaos. Nature would say “don’t leave it till you love it” meaning, in short, it’s not the work that needs to be sorted, it’s the attitude. Where is God not?

2. Cherish Relationships

“healthy relationships. It can be family, friends, or a romantic relationship, but that connection could be the difference between happiness or misery. Good relationships can lift you up or be the shoulder to cry on when things don’t go as planned.”

If it can walk, talk, poo, pee, eat – it can change it’s mind. If you place the centre of your connection on the shoulders of something that can change its mind, you are building a house on sand, not rock. Nature says, “connect to nature, be nature, connect to the universe, be the universe and in so doing, find god, love in yourself, from this place, enjoy relationships but remember “be in the world but not of the world” – simply, find your centre and then turn up saying “I need nothing, want nothing and therefore I have everything” from this place, love grows.

3. Purge Negativity

“Good relationships are necessary but negative ones will hold you back in life. As much as it hurts, purge yourself of relationships that don’t encourage and strengthen you. Besides relationships, purge negative habits, or activates that don’t bring you closer to your goals and dreams.”

If depression, panic attacks, heart aches, insecurity, obesity and self sabotage are your objectives follow that advice. if you can find one single atom in the entire universe or cosmos that has a proton without an electron, I will show you where the right and left hand of God are separated and where there is no possibility of life. In nature, in your mind, in life and in the universe, negativity is only bad when people like this author label it as bad. Negativity shows you where you can grow, seek new learning and evolve your mind. Don’t run from negativity, process it and find the good in all the bad. This is taking the power back.

4. Live fully present

“It’s easy to get distracted with the 101 things each of us has to do in life. You are busy with work, family, responsibilities, and the curveballs life throws at you. In all that chaos, it’s easy to forget to stop and enjoy the little moments in life.”

You’ll hear this rhetoric from those who can’t live life and want to find some spiritual escape from it in the form of meditation or peace of mind. But why run away to find peace of mind? In those 101 things, if you put your heart into it, you are fully present. Curve balls are an opportunity to be fully present in the real world, not stop to “escape” to enjoy. Nature says “turn up” there’s order in every chaos and therefore there’s beauty in whatever you do, moment to moment, breath to breath, step to step. Do not get trapped in rooms and statues. Life is the spirituality not “moments you stop to enjoy in between the crush of living”

5. Stop Waiting For Permission

“A major reason too many of us don’t chase our dreams or a big goal is because we’re waiting for permission. We’re waiting for someone to tell us it’s OK or for all the stars to align before we take the leap into uncertainty. Don’t wait for permission because no one will give it to you and you don’t need it. Claim the life you truly deserve today.”

In nature we evolve (claim the life we deserve) at the border of support and challenge. This advice the author is giving is so full of rhetoric that I wish I could vomit. In fact I will ….. blurrrrrrrr … We evolve at the border between getting and giving permission. We can’t be all or nothing of anything. We must wait for permission sometimes because we depend on others to invest. If you lead a business and take off running down the street not waiting for permission you’ll end up alone, talking to yourself, on a blog, telling others to do what has caused you to fail. You must wait, get permission sometime and then not wait, not get permission other times. Even in a domestic relationship, permission is romance. If you follow this advice, you’ll end up in serious therapy.


I’m not saying this author is wrong. I’m suggesting that you need to be careful if you are choosing to live consciously at a choose to level of life, to not get trapped listening to or reading advice that’s targeted to an audience who are at a Should level of life or even a Got to level.

I’m also suggesting that if you are reading this blog I write, you need to understand the difference between the Oprah version of things, targeted to mass consciousness and what we’re sharing which is consciousness. I mean, not rhetoric consciousness, not feel good consciousness, real consciousness which basically means, the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.