Walker’s Power Hour – 30 days – 30 minutes – 30 habits for Success.

The Walker Power Hour takes 30 days to learn and then 30 minutes a day to do, and involves 30 Habits for Success.

The basis of the 30 Habits begins with the premise that you can’t give what you haven’t got. So, business success begins with personal success: balance in all seven areas of life.

The Morning practice is fun, inspiring and has amazing full body workout it fills you with vitality and helps you turn up to work inspired. The Daytime practice has a range of skills you may not need everyday however it keeps you healthy and has the goal of you coming home from work with more energy than you left with in the morning (burnout is not an option). The evening practice is done before sleep and guarantees a deep, recovery sleep and a fantastic, TGIA (thank God I’m alive) wake-up in the morning.

Here’s the audio to explain it…

Ten Minute Morning Practice: WAKE INSPIRED

  1. TGIA – How to wake inspired every day
  2. GNP – How to start the day on a high note
  3. STS – How to do yoga
  4. W-CHI – Do Grateful Prayer
  5. NP – Train your mind
  6. ULCD – How to project your vision
  7. HIT – How to build extraordinary cardio health
  8. HPSC – How to maintain health and detox your body
  9. DDD – How to be in the driver’s seat of your life

10 Minute Daytime Practice: TURNING UP ENJOYING THE DAY

  1. GIVE – How to attract business
  2. GPCL – How to attract friends and others
  3. DP – How to avoid and process stress
  4. ES – How to turn up for family and meetings
  5. CU-CO – How to help others through difficulties
  6. AFF – How to rebrand yourself – re-invent yourself
  7. BIO – How to recover quickly
  8. CDF – How to turn stress into bliss
  9. HM – How to deal with worry
  10. OSD – How to write a vision document
  11. VIP How to find your life’s purpose
  12. GFLP – How to handle tragedy
  13. IPM – How to transform your vitality
  14. BHST – How to fight ageing and build your youthfulness
  15. LCM – How to enjoy your life and work
  16. CVC – How to grow your relationship
  17. VDF – How to be self-sufficient

10 Minute Nighttime Practice: CLOSURE

  1. ES – How to keep your emotions balanced
  2. CBT – How to recount each day/month/year/ with awe and gratitude
  3. TGIA – How to enter the deepest levels of sleep
  4. LTP – How to turn tomorrow into the best day of your life