Today I am at the hospital to get an X-ray to see how my back is progressing post surgery. I think everyone should visit a hospital once in a while. There are people with bandages on their face, people who are walking in pain. Old people crippled over, and some not so old with eyes gone from this earth. Outside there are people crying, many of them overweight and smoking, soon to become patients I fear. I think when someone says “I need time off from my work because of stress they need to visit a hospital – maybe work there and see how blessed we are just to work and breathe without a tube. I know this sounds hard but really it needs to be said, our ego and sense of privilege can make us a sad reflection of who we really are. In natures arms it is so simple. We do make it complicated don’t we? We pack up and go on holidays to relax – such a complicated way. We celebrate losing weight when it was just dumb to put it on. Work is not more than support and challenge, if you think you want that equation changed, as yourself which area of your life you’d like to pay for it with.

Hospitals – the most expensive seminar on earth.

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