A Great Little Course That We All Would Benefit From

I don’t recommend my students confuse themselves by signing up to multiple blogs and cherry picking teachings because it just feeds the old dualistic paradigm that half is better than whole. When there is an offer of something that teaches balance and makes us aware of our foolish attempt to re-invent diets that are based on emotional gratification rather than being healthy, or going to work to get emotionally on a high rather than turning up inspired is a blindness that creates habits that are self destructive. I have hopefully made this clear in the teachings of nature. That if you come home with lopsided perception of good day without bad, your family is being abused to bring you back to balance and that, by stopping on the way home, you can turn up at home too.

Often we point the finger at people and say “you cause me suffering” but this finger is one finger and three others are curled back at us, and therefore “we are the cause of our suffering.” So often the western teacher solves the suffering, but not the cause. We are the cause. If we change jobs to change suffering we are playing victim, and God or Nature never created a victim. We can play victim, we can feel like a victim. We are not victims.

When we cherry pick teachings we are victims. We say “I will take what feels good and leave what I feel bad about” this raises personality to the peak of human existence. Personality is habit. Personality is a lie. Personality is what we do to create a bubble of safety. If, for example, someone tells you they are always happy in public then they will be depressed in private. This is the victim. They accidentally drive themselves nuts by trying to be personality in a half, a half a person, because that is what is some are taught. They are taught that personality can be half but you go and connect with nature and you find true self, which has no personality and then you know, your personality is like a coat you wear, or pants, or a sunhat. You put it on to serve others not yourself.

This course is wonderful and may she says some of these things in a more user friendly way.

Here’s the link on facebook – it’s half price – rather than direct on the web.. don’t know why.

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