Back on Track Closure…

How to Get the Most From This Magical Work!

1. When you get to your home or to your office, type into your computer word processing program the following:

a. Your Purpose Statement

b. Your Love List

c. Your affirmations (Words of Power)

2. Print out five hard copies of each and place them strategically in or on: a. Your bathroom mirror or counter

b. Your office desk

c. Your dining or eating room d. Your car

e. Your bed stand

3. Read them at least once daily and when possible three times daily. Consider taping them on your phone.

4. Update these three items on your computer whenever you have refinements in the form of additions or deletions. Remember to focus on ever finer details.

5. Sit down each morning and write down the seven highest priority action steps you can do that day that will help you make your Purpose, Love List and Affirmations come true.

6. Act on these priorities each day. Checking them off as they are accomplished. This procedure will elevate your self-worth.

7. Place a set of Discard forms next to your office desk and or bed so as to be able to discard ten lines a day on anyone or anything that pushes your buttons.

If you did discard 10 lines a day you would average at least one full discard  per week or possibly 52 collapses a year. Wow! I wonder what kind of transformation that would bring?

8. Read your notes and Innerwealth Ibooks over and over again to review and remind yourself of the basics of maximising your potential.

9. Be sure to supplement what you have learned in this magical program by staying true to the Back on Track 7 step growth cycle (Discard, cellular, appearance, mind, vision $, self talk, results)

10. I recommend that you stay in contact. You have infinite email and text contact plus you have the option of incredibly inexpensive ongoing coaching with me. Weekly meetings or calls.

11. I recommend that you repeat the 30 Day Challenge at least 12 times. You may refresh this magical program presently for only $1250. Each time you do the challenge you will experience a completely new transformation and be able to lighten your load and quicken your spirit. Imagine fewer buttons and greater courageous actions in your daily life.

Live from your heart. Feel the breath fill your body between the two arm pits, across the chest. Relax, the attraction of a relaxed person is beyond measure, worry kills. Be you. Learn and know what you think. Don’t argue for what you think, but work for what you want. Be strong and diligent. Yesterday was lost, you will never have today again.

I wish you love

Live with Spirit Chris

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