Putting Your Heart and Soul into Your Work

When people find real harmony within themselves and with the world around them, they become better people. Now, the question might become, “so what has this got to do with success and leadership?” And the answer is, according to all the great teachings, “everything.”

Business success begins with personal success – and personal success simply means to find harmony within, or more simply live in synch with nature. This begins by building a personal foundation based on emotional and personal stability and evolves all the way up to the highest levels of personal awakening.

No matter how it’s worded, people want to find awakening in their life. To move to the higher and highest states of human awareness and performance. To move past the mundane and attain some sort of emancipation and understanding of life. This is a worthy ambition in life. The journey is often triggered by pain.

If a mountaineer makes his or her life safe by hammering a peg into the ice to prevent a massive fall, they are doing exactly what personal harmony requires. The mountaineer can still slip but they only fall 2 or 3 meters before their safety rope pulls against that peg in the ice. Putting the heart and soul into work is exactly the same. It creates a platform from which adventure and enjoyment at work is simply automatic.

There are seven steps on this road to putting the heart and soul into your work. They are:

Step 1. Entering the stream. We throw off the 3 dark emotions and recognize that life, without them as a burden, is beautiful. This is personal happiness.

Step 2. Awareness. We develop the 4 awareness of mindfulness. We become aware that what we think, what we do, have consequences far beyond what we can see. We become aware of the importance of life balance.

Step 3. Effort. We learn the 4 secrets of right effort. We recognize that there is a limit to the time we have and that time itself is extremely precious. We learn to manage our Energy – mental and physical.

Step 4. Success. We discover the 4 basis of success and in doing so tap our deepest humanity. Here we create clarity for self and others.

Step 5. Powers. The five faculties of the leader lift us into positions of social responsibility. We become capable of guiding others.

Step 6. Awakening. Seven factors of awakening bring us closer to realization. We become absolutely unconditional in our work.

Step 7. Humility. We return to the first step, and begin the journey a second time with loving kindness, compassion joy and equanimity. We are teachers, or helpers and extend a hand to those who reach out for it.

If you’d like to know more about how to apply this or bring this awareness to your team or company, please send me an email.