Australia – Your Competitive Advantage

If you are raised and living in Australia you have a unique gift. Your connection with nature. I meet monks in Nepal and Tibet who spend forty years trying to achieve what you’ve been blessed with. They sit and meditate and do yoga trying to find Qi, the energy of nature. Maybe you don’t believe me that you have been blessed with a gift.

Competitive advantage Australia.

There are those who need yoga and buildings and cushions for mediation, but there are those born with it, right inside their belly, those are Australians. Born to nature, connected to nature. But not every Australian remembers this. Some become addicted to work, some become addicted to sex or drugs or eating or surfing and forget. When we forget we all become students of yoga and meditation because we need it.

When you remain respectful of the stillness of nature you will feel the air, you will touch the Qi in the air. It doesn’t require a class or a teacher from Asia to tell you what you already know. You need to go to the beach, out to the park, down to the river and just be you, find your core, your competitive advantage.

Some suggestions

Hold meetings with foreign individuals outdoors

Get outdoors in the morning

Avoid the lost cost of disconnection from nature

Include environmental, nature and biophilia in your business plan


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