Things Don’t Always Turn Out to Be the Way You planned. What then?

Things don’t always turn out the way you planned, and when that happens you need to deal with it as quickly and as quietly as possible. And that’s when you need a consult session with me.

The first thing I would help you do if things didn’t go the way you planned would be to help you to separate your emotions, feelings and mental turbulence from the situation. Nothing makes a situation worse than emotions, feelings and mental turbulence (anger and frustration).

Second, I’d be trying to narrow down your options to deal with the situation so you choose what to do wisely. This is rarely what you spontaneously come up with. It’s better to be very considered about what we do when things go against us.

Third, I’d be looking at cause and removing any sense of victim or blame and trying to locate the real result you are looking for.

Finally, I’d be helping you reinvent yourself as quickly as possible to take advantage of the window of disruption to upgrade to a higher level of operation. This last step is where we’d spend almost half the time together.

The benefits of a single session are:

    • Back on track quickly
    • Deal with emotions effectively
    • Learn from the past and don’t need to repeat it
    • Fast and effective
    • Tough love means there’s no rhetoric or rationalisation
    • Clears stress and emotional overwhelm – gets results

Sessions take around four hours. They involve some exercise and some outdoor time. Sessions are challenging and therefore thought provoking. The cost of a single session varies from $600 to $2800. A session saves you ten times that amount in lost productivity, stress recovery and lost time.

The take homes are significant

  • A written clarity on the future
  • An understanding of the process to deal with emotion in the future
  • Lifelong email and text follow-up
  • Mental calm, life balance
  • New vision, a better plan
  • Self awareness

Look forward to hearing from you


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