The Walker BE-DO-HAVE Goal Setting Process

We have covered the Walker-Vision-Setting-Method in a previous post and Soundcloud Audio. Today I would like to speak about the key to grounding yourself in a linear and disciplined process of getting what you want in life. Remember throughout:


Do not make any mistake.. The Walker-Be-Do-Have-Method is the most important form of the entire 30 Day Programme – It is introduced to you on day 25.

Fill this form out or create your own format on excel once you have  You write 10 goals (one from each of the seven areas of life plus 3 more from your highest value/priority) then. You now have 10 goals, 10 time lines (12 months) and 10 excuses/fears to deal with. You have therefore 10 targets and we are going to hit all ten. Make them measurable .. i.e. $, or weight, or pushups, or trips, or sex/day, do not make them feelings like happiness or some other deluded half possible outcome (happy=sad) .. then chunk them down into 12 monthly steps. Ie if you want $100K more in the bank in 12 months it might be $5k month one, $6k month two, $10K month three, etc…. This we can monitor monthly and adjust strategy if needed.

Then chunk that down into this week. If you are in week one of year one that wants $100K in the bank, then, month one is $5k and week one would be around $1250 in bank this week. Then, daily goal is to get $1250/5days = $250 in bank today.. if you chunk everything down you will not be overwhelmed by the target in 12 months and you can adjust the process more easily to achieve a weekly goal than a yearly one. In this way you swing emotional goals down into tangible goals which may make you sad, but sad today might be wiser than sad in a year and sad in a year is depressive.

So, a little bit of pain of discipline is going to outweigh a whole lot of pain of regret. This is how you stick to your plan for a year. No bull, no excuses, no pleasing people by taking a day off that costs you a daily goal. Once your daily goals are achieved you can take time. But not until. This is the real world and how it feels to be a real person rather than a broken one, playing victim and targeting satisfaction (lifestyle and emotional uppers) as the net result of a day’s work. Build your dreams by building your goals and you will earn yourself the self respect that you wish others to have for you.

Your 12 month goals get you to your vision, your vision is your “God” your call, so go do that, and use inspiration to stay super engaged and present in life so that you enjoy the moment but focus on the future. That’s how normal people live and it’s how you live unless you get a broken something and have to stop and heal it for a while. But life is not healing – life is real, being you, living your vision, being inspired by life, and most importantly having a sense of purpose for it all greater than yourself, otherwise you might not feel worthy of the rewards and effort. Only a purpose bigger than you makes you feel driven by a power greater than you because you are acting on the intent of service to a higher power when you act on your purpose and therefore you are worthy of all the “HAVE” you’ve written in your vision.