Inspired Teams – Getting Past the Collusion Model


Democracy is the idea that I have to listen to some one whose opinion I violently oppose and aggressively defend their right to it. (thank you West wing and Aaron Sorkin) meritocracy is more about what works.

There are few statues erected for committees. (thanks Matt Church)

Great teams are built from great individuals. In entrepreneurial firms teams do not aspire to collude on answers, they aspire to differentiate.

Weak leadership often uses teams to manipulate individuals to participate when really they be better off making inspired decisions – like it or exit.

Corporate teams gravitate to silent agreement not to disturb the emotional boundaries of each member forcing them to operate at the lowest common denominator of the most unstable individual. Inspired teams get past radio active boundaries in order to tap human potential beyond emotional rhetoric.

If a team colludes on an answer or decision, 50% of the team are lying but either wanting to get home or win acceptance of an uninspired leader.

Inspired Teams:

Have a leader who has the final decision to make
Celebrate diametric opposites
Don’t stop to protect individual sensitivities but offer process instead
Make the rule: add value or leave
Respect reaction, passion and complex conversation

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