Time is a huge asset. Wasted time is a huge liability. Sometimes we invest time in what we thought would be a huge asset, only to find later that every second was wasted. When you do anything from a “got to” space it can be guaranteed to be a wasted effort. Polarized actions breed their opposite. Internal turmoil feels full of life when really its an entire waste of time.

My observation of most busy lives is that 60% of time invested is dead waste. This is why Innerwealth is so crucial. To just save one hour a day is amazing. To make that hour more meaningful means an accumulation of good things, life in the bank.

It starts with turning up more. That’s an amazing first step we teach in evolving Innerwealth.

It moves to balanced action where the consequence of action is considered in all seven areas of life. This eliminates short term benefits with long term consequences.

Then, VIP sets in place real life objectives. There are no half hearted success stories do, VIP puts your whole metabolism on notice that the things you do today are an investment in tomorrow. Wise stuff.

Finally, Innerwealth helps you differentiate between silly investments and wise ones. In real terms it gives you the wisdom of experience without the experience.

It’s universal laws of nature. No
Need to trust me. Trust nature.

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