Our Coaching Mission

Innerwealth Coaching helps individuals improve the quality of their work life by reconnecting them with nature, the laws of nature and an open hearted approach to work. We’ve been doing so for 35 years throughout the world with people from all walks of life. Innerwealth coaching focusses on career improvement however, we strongly emphasise the need to incorporate all areas of life in our coaching to create fast, conscious and sustainable change. We coach a good hearted reality to finding individual pathways, opening hearts and exploring individual vision, inspiration and life purpose. Getting people “back on track” and keeping them there, is our coaching mission.

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Not Your Usual Life Coach

“One person I have used for some time as a sounding board, life coach and career development is Chris Walker – ex engineer, entrepreneur and life coach master who has made and lost millions, written loads of books, led 10s of groups into Nepal, spent serious time in Zen and the Himalayas, and worked all over the world including with indigenous first nation communities in Canada. Simple to say he is not your normal life coach.” Principle Partner. Sydney Australia – Read More

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Save Time, Money and Energy so You Can Get Outdoors and Do More of What You Love

More than 50 % of the effort we put into change is wasted. The question is which 50%. With nature as a guide we save that 50%. As a professional life coach, Chris acts as an interpreter of nature’s law, to help individuals know what is real and what isn’t. Straight talk -Nature guidance.

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Our Coaching Vision

To encourage great Self-Leadership possibilities for individuals throughout the world.

Chris’ motivation is always to inspire clients:

  • wise with their choices 
  • committed to supremely healthy work life 
  • in control of their life balance
  • happy and invested in the future they’ve chosen  
  • protected loved ones from their work stress

Changing the world one heart at a time.

Chris believes that for business success we first need personal success and personal success comes when we balance all seven areas of life. Our vision is to put the heart and soul back into business. Inspiring individuals to be the change they want to see in the world.

Our Self-Leadership Purpose

Our Purpose is Harmony

Nature and human nature has one purpose, to evolve and grow, to expand and explore, to be, as we are in nature, expansive. Chris Walker’s purpose is to help people grow, to face challenges and opportunities with the same enthusiasm.

Our Self-Leadership Journey

The one or the many

Pythagorus presented to an audience of 144 people, but after only a few hours, only one person was left listening. Someone asked Pythagorus if he felt bad and he replied “no, I was only ever speaking to one person, it just took a while for the others to leave.” Chris Walker believes in the mark of individuality and, that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. You will know when it’s time to begin the life long journey of Inspired Self Leadership.

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Chris’ Clients

“I attended Christopher Walkers program in Canada. I am a leader of over 5,000 people and this teaching just transformed our organisation. Inspiration, living with spirit in everyday life, is the journey Christopher Walker has himself embarked upon an now teaches others. It is a life based on inspiration, integrity and truth. Living our truth is the greatest gift of all. The search for something more is over as you become that which you seek and instead seek to live out the gift of your life’s work. When one surveys his teachings one is struck by their extraordinary richness and comprehensiveness. In innumerable lectures and talks given all over America, Europe and Australia, his inspired teachings enlightened all aspects of human life with simplicity and clarity and yet with the greatest depth. When you stop praying for what you think is missing, and simply attune yourself to the extraordinary richness, the quality and the love that is at the core if your heart becomes apparent.”

Leaders … who see possibilities within every person, and nurture that potential towards progress and solutions.

Visionaries … who create solutions, celebrate entrepreneurship, stand for justice, and believe in the progress of common good.

Change Agents … who live in the trenches, bend their backs, raise funds, and dirty their hands with the problems of others.

Inspired Individuals … whose mission is to help organisations have a conscience; the notion that doing right by others outweighs the bottom line.

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Life Matters

Innerwealth Coaching offers you tailor-made solutions for a fuller, more rewarding and enjoyable life …

  1. When you are you looking for a challenging conversation to take control of your career path?
  2. When you are wanting a sounding board to improve the quality of your personal life?
  3. When you are wanting a life coach for more effective ways to maintain a balance in life?
  4. When you are needing a human development expert to share nature based science to resolve interpersonal business relationships?
  5. When you are wanting to design a strategy for winning edge psychology in sport, business, life or career?
  6. When it is time for a reboot in all aspects of life?

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